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Meet Jason Pu

….   The San Gabriel City Council has long consisted of council members who probably stayed in office longer than they should have. This year is no exception. Kevin Sawkins, Mario De La Torre and David Gutierrez are all running for re-election after having already serving multiple terms. Two new challengers are trying to wrestle their seats away from them, Chin Ho Liao and Jason Pu. It wouldn’t be easy but it never is in San Gabriel.  I had the opportunity to talk with Jason Pu on his candidacy and it was refreshing to see a new face on the political scene. Jason has lived in San Gabriel for only 3 ½ years but he already has identified the problems that this city has had for years. First of all, Jason is a very bright, educated and energetic young man who has direction and focus in this election.  In high school, he was Class Salutatorian and also was Captain of the Varsity Football team, a rare combination. From High School, he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies. He continued his education by completing his Law Degree at UCLA and becoming a Business Law attorney. But Jason’s story is more than an education and a legal career; it’s also the story of a Chinese immigrant family who sought a better life in America. It’s the story of a father working two jobs to support his gifted son in completing college and his family meeting the challenges of a first generation Asian-American family trying to assimilate into the existing American society. The struggles that Jason and his family went through are the same struggles that many immigrants, whether they are from China, Mexico, Vietnam or South America, have to go through. It’s a struggle that makes people stronger, that makes them want to challenge the status quo. Jason learned from his past experiences and involvement and when he moved to San Gabriel, he became involved in his daughters school. He volunteered for some community positions and he was appointed to others.  He sought to make improvements while working with a variety of people, many of which saw his organizational and leadership qualities.  Jason sees a San Gabriel which is rich in history, with warm, embracing and kind people and vibrant neighborhoods in a safe community, a city with great potential.  But he also sees a lack of financial long-term planning and strategy. Capital improvement plans are at least 15 years behind the times with many capital improvement projects never being completed. This makes for challenges and opportunities within the city, challenges and opportunities which Jason is willing to take on.  Jason’s solution starts with a strategy, a strategy that will re-vitalize the Las Tunas – San Gabriel Boulevard thoroughfares. Long-time San Gabriel residents have heard others say the same thing, have seen the same plans for developing San Gabriel’s business areas, have heard similar strategic plans being presented. But the energy and enthusiasm that Jason is bringing to this campaign may change all of that. If progress is in San Gabriel’s future, then a young, intelligent and enthusiastic young man like Jason Pu might be the right person to lead the city on a new and innovative path….

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