News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.


by Eugene R. Webb

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Mid Valley News a small paper with a big heart;

In your life we hope it will come to be a huge part.

It’s a wonderful family newspaper for all to seek;

It does come out on every Wednesday of each week.

It covers the San Gabriel Valley like never before;

For 50 dollars a year it can be sent to your door.

We do take it to some places that you like to go;

You can pick it up there free and whose to know.

For a reasonable price you can also advertise;

Letting your customers know you’re well and alive.

You’ll find out a lot of things about your town;

Also about all the other cities that are around.

While reading this paper you might keep this in mind;

You’re always going to be surprised at what you’ll find.

Please take advantage of the coupons that are there;

For the Mid Valley News is a paper that loves to share.

Obituaries are put in this little paper for all to see;

The paper is proud to have it, for just a small fee.

Let us hear your opinions in a note or letter;

We’re never so good that we can’t get better.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.