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By Eugene R. Webb

St. Valentines is February’s Special Day;

It’s when lovers give their hearts away.

The heart is a symbol of the valentine;

For many it says, “will you be mine”.

This day, February 14th, is wide spread;

It is symbolized with the color red.

So Valentine’s Day was set aside;

For those looking for a groom or a bride.

Others who have already tied the knot;

A Card showing they love what they have got.

Expressing love can be done in different ways;

Anytime, not just on Valentine’s Day.

This day we open up our hearts, as we should;

For love and loving makes us feel real good.

Wherever there is love, you’ll see a smile;

St. Valentine’s Day is really worthwhile.

The gift of love can be given during the year;

With it comes happiness and a lot of good cheer.

So let’s not wait for Valentine’s Day;

We can start showing our love right away.

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