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The Mount Lowe Preservation Society presented the Pacific Electric Railway

by Jerry Jambazian

Michael Patris and Steve Crise from the MountLowe Preservation Society presented a slide program of the Pacific Electric Railway at Mt. Lowe. Michael is a 3rd generation native of So. California and founder and author of Mt. Lowe history. Steve is also a 3rd generation native as well as a professional photographer.

The Mount Lowe Incline Railway was “Earth’s Grandest Mountain Ride”. It was not at the forefront of Thaddeus Lowe’s thinking when he first came to Los Angeles in the summer of 1887. He’d already had quite a full life and had raised half of his ten children. What he was looking for was a place to retire and a warmer climate for the lingering symptoms of the malaria he had contracted during the Civil War.

Mount Lowe Preservation

by Jerry Jambazian

The Mount Lowe Preservation Society, Inc., was formed in March of 2000 to keep the photos and artifacts of “Earth’s Grandest Mountain Railway” together for the public to share. Both gentlemen thanked the Rodenbucher’s for their generous donation of artifacts from their familes.

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