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Poetry Corner

by Eugene R. Webb

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We had two visitors the other day;

And thank God they didn’t stay.

Let me tell you how it all began;

By our pool sat two feathered friends.

When we first saw them it looked so cool;

Two little ducks sitting by the swimming pool.

We wondered if they flew in with the wind;

And we hoped they hadn’t gone for a swim.

These two Mallards were such a pretty pair;

They were looking around while sitting there.

I got my camera and quietly I tried to sneak;

After all I just wanted to get a little peek.

But when the camera clicked, it was like a cough;

And these two little birds, together they flew off.

They were female and a male, cute as can be;

We’re glad there were only two and not three.

I know a swimming pool is no place for ducks;

And they were not there to bring us good luck.

They’d been swimming in the pool, I’ll have to confess;

My son had to work hard cleaning up the mess.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Poetry Corner