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Town Tweets 12-19-12

Joe Castillo

Christmas Decorations…..  There is no other season like the Christmas season for bring your house to life. Back when I was growing up, nearly every house had well placed Christmas lights and colorful Christmas decorations outlining their joyous home. And then along came the energy crisis in the 70’s and the economic downturn in the 80’s and before you knew it less and less houses were decorated and even less had Christmas lights. But the spirit of Christmas still exists today and this columnist did a short survey of where that Christmas spirit still lives. In a 30 minute drive through the City of San Gabriel, 165 residences were observed to have some sort of Christmas decoration and/o r lights. The best decorations included giant inflated Christmas characters like Frosty the Snowman, Mickey Mouse Santa and a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A snow globe with Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Winnie the Pooh characters decorated one house, while a teeter-totter Santa and reindeer were one of the more creative decorations observed. Lights and decorations were installed around windows, across the front of the house and on entire yards and houses. Some trees were wrapped with Christmas lights in a spiral design and one house actually had a decorative North Pole highlighting its front yard. Of the San Gabriel residences, Santa Claus was seen at 18 homes or 11% of the locations while a nativity scene was observed at 6 residences or 3.6%. In a 30 minute drive through the City of Rosemead, 100 residences were decorated with Christmas objects and lights. Some of the unique decorations included a deflated inflatable Santa, Palm trees decorated like a candy cane, a giant Sponge Bob and my favorite, a band of inflatable dancing Penguins. Nine Santa Claus’ or 9% were observed at the 100 houses and 2 nativity scenes or 2% were noticed. Overall, 265 houses which displayed some sort of Christmas decoration were located in only one hour of randomly driving through the two cities. It may not be as many as yesteryear but it sure showed that the spirit of Christmas still exists in our San Gabriel and Rosemead neighborhoods. Trying driving around yourself and find the Christmas spirit…. Looking for Volunteers…. Savannah Cemetery is seeking prospective board members for the upcoming year. Board positions are volunteer positions which offer an opportunity to provide direction for Savannah Pioneer Cemetery, a

California Historical Landmark. For more information contact the Joe Castillo, President of Savannah Cemetery at . Holiday Laughs… Grizzled Chuck, an improve comedy show, will be appearing at the Padillo Room next to the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on Friday December 28 at 7PM. The performers are college students who will perform comedic routines in a variety of skits. The program runs from 7 to 9PM with a $2.00 donation being asked. Refreshments will be available. Come on out and enjoy the fun and entertainment.  Contact Matt at (626) 205-0021 for more information….

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