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Jerry’s Journeys – Trick or Treat?

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Trick or Treat? Temple City definitely earned a treat by wining some awards recently. They have gone from dealing with red tape to walking the red carpet. Let’s face it, working for local government has its moments. Deadlines and juggling different interests, clearance procedures and approval processes – red tape, red tape and more red tape! It’s a challenge that’s enough to leave even the most steadfast of individuals, well…seeing red. But once the hurdles are all cleared and the project moves forward, it’s time to celebrate yet another job well done.

Temple City is basking in the glory of winning the Award of Excellence for Printed Publications for cities with a population under 60,000.  The award was presented during the 2012 City-County Communications & Marketing Association Savvy Awards.

The judge’s comments were, “This entry represents a well thought out project that clearly addresses the problem/opportunity. An impressive combination of strategic copywriting and design make this piece a valuable tool for altering perceptions among the target audience.”

This is a first for Temple City and I would like to recognize City Manager and Editor, Jose Pulido; Assistant City Manager and Managing Editor, Brian Haworth. Also to all the interns that contributed to the award, Roger Grody, Stephanie Chan, Wendy Chung, Steve Lee, Rebecca Lopez, and Daniel Stevens.

The Savvy Awards competition recognizes outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing and citizen-government relationships. The Savvies salute skilled and effective city, county, agency or district professionals who have creatively planned and carried out successful innovations in communications and marketing.

The Savvy Awards program also serves as an increasingly important forum for exchanging cutting-edge information and ideas among government professionals. Local governments are in the spotlight now, more than ever. Local government officials must react with innovative, creative approaches and programs.

Temple City was also recently awarded the CACEO (California Association of Code Enforcement Officers) Most Innovative Program for the City’s FASE program. Temple City’s Focus Area Systematic Enforcement (FASE) won the prestigious award for adopting philosophies of Community Preservation staff collaborating with, rather than confronting property owners to come into compliance.

The success of the program is attributed to Community Preservation officers constantly communicating with residents and business owners. Initially launched as a pilot program in September 2011, FASE has emerged as the centerpiece of economic development strategy for Temple City. Through this innovative approach, a unprecedented compliance rate of 78% has already been achieved in residential neighborhoods – with numbers even higher in commercial districts.

Code Enforcement in Temple City has had its share of problems, mostly with hit and miss enforcement with residents and businesses being upset with the “heavy-handed” approach. Community Preservation was born to change the way Temple City desires to be a community that takes pride in home ownership.  Each member of the Community Preservation team has been trained to be a help, not a hindrance to the property owner.

Robert Sahagun is the director of Community Preservation for Temple City and directs a dedicated staff of team members Viet Tran, Jillian Nunez, and Jonathan Aceves who have been trained to work along side the property owner and help them to come into compliance. The program demonstrates the kind of positive results that are achieved when law enforcement agencies engage, rather then confront. The mission of FASE is to preempt problems through education and engagement.

FASE highlights the “80-20 Principal.” Sahagun said, “At the end of the day, 20% of your efforts yield 80% of your results.” Sahagun also said “I maximize the productivity of the officers by taking the ten items we identify on the FASE door tags that are the easiest things a resident can fix to make the neighborhood look better.” As officer Viet Tran has stated to property owners, “You do your part, and we will do ours.”

You are invited to visit the City’s website and view the Managers Report on the first and third Fridays of the month. You can view the before and after photos of Community Preservation in action.

Mayor Pro-Tem Cynthia Sternquist and Councilmember Tom Chavez along with Robert Sahagun accepted the award on behalf of the City as being the best code enforcement initiative in the State.

Congratulations Temple City upon winning these prestigious awards!!

See you soon…and don’t forget to Vote.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Jerry’s Journeys – Trick or Treat?