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Town Tweets – San Gabriel for October 24, 2012

By Joe Castillo


Giant Connection…..I may be a Dodger fan at heart but there’s a part of me pulling for their rival from California, the San Francisco Giants. It’s not only because these Giants have had so much go wrong with them that they deserve to win but it’s because they’re a California team, who represent the West Coast. It’s also because former San Gabriel High School standout and city resident Mike Krukow is a Giant announcer, and has been for a number of years. After pitching for the San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs, Krukow moved into the radio booth and has been doing the play-by-play ever since. . . .November Elections…  I guess I may be old-fashioned, but one thing that really irks me is the endorsement of candidates in this years’ election. I’m reading an endorsement flyer for Dr. Mathew Lin for Assembly and note that the Mayor and three of the four councilmembers of Rosemead endorsed Dr. Lin. In San Gabriel, the Mayor and all councilmembers endorsed Dr. Lin. In addition, School Board members, Planning Commissioners and even Traffic Commissioners are all included on the endorsement list.  My problem is that each of the persons doing the endorsements were elected to non-partisan positions, and in some situations were appointed to volunteer positions. I don’t mind that these folks are endorsing Dr. Lin, that’s their right, but to use their non-partisan position and title for the endorsement is just wrong. Why not use their own name without their elected or appointed title? They can support any candidate of their choice as an individual but when they support a Democratic or Republican candidate as a non-partisan elected official, then I think they’ve brought partisanship into their own elected or appointed position. The question becomes whether the elected non-partisan officials are doing what’s best for the city they were elected to govern or are following the platform of a political party. It just makes you wonder where they stand on issues ….. Pothole Report 2012-07 – I’m taking a break from criticizing the City of San Gabriel, and instead have a critique of the City of Rosemead. Mission Road, going east from the San Gabriel-Rosemead border to Rosemead Boulevard was recently re-asphalted, re-sealed and re-stripped. The section of Mission Road wasn’t as near as bad as the San Gabriel section but the city took the lead and fixed it before the street got worse. Great job, Rosemead! Rating: (5) No work needed. San Gabriel take note…. Get Ready …. The San Gabriel Turkey Trot Race is scheduled for November 3 at the new and improved Vincent Lugo Park. The race includes a 5K/10K run, a 5K walk  and a 1K Kid Fun Run.  Call San Gabriel Parks and Recreation at 626-308-2875 for registration information. The race starts at 7:15AM and refreshment, awards, t-shirts and raffles are included. I’m probably dating myself but they used to give those orange-yellow paint hats with ‘Turkey Trot’ printed on them. I’m sure they’re collector items now…

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