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TOWN TWEETS San Gabriel – October 10, 2012

By Joe Castillo


Rosemead Happenings ….If you want to know what’s happening in your city all you have to do is attend a city council meeting. The Rosemead City Council meeting on September 25 provided a lot of insightful information on the city and its operations. The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Mayor Sandra Armenta. Council Members Polly Low, William Alarcon, Margaret Clark and Steven Ly were all in attendance. The meeting started with a presentation to the Lady Hawks softball team who participated in the Triple Crown World Series in Nevada and the USSSA National in West Covina. A proclamation for National Voter Registration Day was also read. Neither representative was present but the city recognition was still honorably presented. The city also recognized Savannah Memorial Cemetery for their recent California Historical site designation. A proclamation was read by Mayor Armenta and yours truly representing Savannah as President of the association was on hand to receive the proclamation. The customary pictures were taken with the entire council and the honored cemetery representative…. The adult softball and basketball programs have always been a very popular recreation program in Rosemead. As the budget for these programs kept getting bigger, the city decided to contract out the management of the programs. Beginning in the fall season, the city council voted to approve Southland Sport Association to manage the adult basketball program and Major League Softball to manage the adult softball program. The city will no longer use their own staff to run the adult leagues and the participation fees will remain the same. In addition, the contracted organizations will pay the city part of their revenues collected from the sport programs.  It looks like a win-win opportunity for the city and its local residents…. Stray cats were another item on the city council agenda. It seems that stray cats cost the city $120 to $140 to be processed through the county.  If a local resident turns in a stray cat to the city, the city will then turn around and send the cat to county animal services in Baldwin Park. The county will then charge back the city the $120 plus dollars for the stray cat. The City Council voted 4-1 to charge residents $10 for any stray cat which is turned in. Councilmember Margaret Clark was the only disapproving vote and really put the issue in perspective when she questioned the need to charge residents an amount which wasn’t even a significant percentage of what the county charges back to the city. I’ve been to a number of city council meetings and most fees are approved unanimously. It was very refreshing to see Councilmember Clarke vote against a fee which is nothing more than an annoying charge which does nothing to build goodwill between the city and its residents….

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