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The game of Bridge is not real hard;

You do need fifty-two cards.

Hopefully, this poem will plant a seed;

For a partner is what we need.

The lucky number in bridge is thirteen;

That number is used a lot in the bridge scene.

To each player, thirteen cards will pass;

And thirteen tricks are in the players grasp.

To win the game is everybody’s plan;

So we’re all looking for a good hand.

Must have thirteen points to open the bid;

If you’re the winner you’ll be glad you did.

To bid you must be really brave;

The highest suit is spades.

Sometimes you may feel you’re in trouble;

Maybe then you’ll be able to bid double.

And just when you think you’ve been stumped;

Your partner will bid the highest, no trump.

Bridge is a real exciting game;

And no hand is ever the same.

Remember “bidders are winners”, this is true;

Come join us and the winner could be you.

The Bridge Center is a great place to start;

There you’ll meet the leaders, Diane and Art.

The Bridge Center is a very friendly place;

Most people start playing with a smile on their face.

                     Eugene R. Webb

                     San Gabriel, CA

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.