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Joe Castillo


City Happenings ….I just got the new San Gabriel Grapevine community newsletter and I have to admit it’s pretty neat. It’s a new format, with a glossy look and clear quality graphics. But the presentation doesn’t make up the contents so my critique is on the important stuff that matter. The city listed the greatest accomplishments of the past 12 months and came up with four notable items: 1) improved communications, 2) job preservation, 3) technology improvements and 4) Mission playhouse improvements.  These are all notable achievements but are these the best the city has to offer? Of course there was no mention of my favorite subject, potholes, but I guess repairing our streets would not only be a notable achievement but an extraordinary accomplishment. I’m not sure what the cost of the four notable achievements was but obviously it fit well into the limited SG City budget. The Grapevine put a lot of emphasis into 2013 projects and here’s what we have to look forward to in the coming year. On the list is a $2 million pavement improvement but let’s not hold our breath on this one. New long term facilities like a new police building and new city maintenance building. Doesn’t make sense to me to cut our police benefits and have so many infrastructure problems but then propose a multi-million dollar project for new city facilities. Develop new economic opportunities for the city including 1) a new business retention program, 2) aid retail and industrial expansion, 3) new hotels, and 4) Valley Boulevard expansion.  In short, let’s fix what’s broken with our business plan but then add more business, traffic, people and overall congestion to our already overpopulated city. Four new hotels are being proposed including the Hyatt House and Crowne Plaza Hotel, and new mixed use development is bound to take place along Las Tunas. I grew up in San Gabriel back in the 60’s and it was a quaint place to live and grown up. It wasn’t a perfect city but it certainly wasn’t the mish-mash it is today. Sometime in the late 70’s and early 80’s the city direction changed and long-time residents started selling and moving to a quieter and more resident friendly town. It doesn’t look like we’ll go back to those times but I wish city council would stop development all together and  focus on fixing what’s wrong with the city rather than adding to its problems…  Pothole Report 2012-06… This report isn’t about a city street but about the San Gabriel Mission parking lot where there are some major cracks and potholes. If a street had the same condition, they would have to close it due to the inability to drive. I know the parking lot is on private property but as residents you should be aware of the condition of our city centerpiece in case you need to walk on it. Be careful, one false step and say goodbye to an ankle or a knee. Rating (1) – fix it before someone gets hurt. …

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