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We are proud here at the Mid Valley News to have the opportunity to introduce to our readers Mr. Eugene R. Webb.
Mr. Webb contacted us and told us about himself and his life which is dedicated to helping others with addiction challenges in their lives. He is a recovering alcoholic, 46 years sober, and has offered to contribute to our paper in his preferred art form of poetry. We hope you find hope and inspiration in Eugene’s work. He is a gentle and kind human being who we welcome as a part of our growing family here at the Mid Valley News.
Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and feelings regarding Eugene’s poems. He welcomes your feedback.



There’s a number one killer out there;
And we know it goes on everywhere.
Unfortunately, most people don’t wish to discuss;
It’s the Devil’s brew, and if affects everyone of us.

Tax they want to raise on cigarettes all the time;
But never raise the price on alcohol of any kind.
They can’t advertise cigarettes as we did before;
But advertising alcohol is certainly done, even more.

Of course, smoking is really bad and it’s a killer too;
Alcohol is okay, it’s what drinking lawmakers like to do.
Drinking and driving is a dangerous crime when caught;
First offenders should do time whether they like it or not.

Lawmakers and judges don’t care how many people die;
They think “but for the grace of God, goes I”.
Their judgement is affected by alcohol and stuff;
Yet, we expect them to judge when they’ve had enough.

Lawmakers could keep a lot of innocent people alive;
Having Stiffer sentencing for those who drink & drive.
I don’t believe smoking cigarettes should be a crime;
But to smoke you must be drunk and out of your mind.

We encourage people to drink and drive, in fact, we beg;
At all sporting events they sell beer by the keg.
We’re saying alcohol is great and can’t live without;
It’s time we wake up and find out what living is about.

Alcohol is the number one killer in the nation;
For it does affect all of our friends and relation.
The best way to stop all this driving and drinking;
Our lawmakers and judges must change their thinking.

Eugene R. Webb, San Gabriel, CA


Eugene R. Webb born in Twin Falls, Idaho.  In Marine Corp for 2 Years from 1946-48 (18 months of it I served in China).  Married 64 Years with 3 wonderful Children, 5 Grandchildren, and 7 Great Grandchildren.  Went to Cal State Los Angeles College at Age 49.  Received Degree in Health and Safety (emphasis on Alcohol and Drugs).  Received an AA, BA, and Masters.  Worked at Rose Hills Cemetery for 14 Years helping families.  Have been sober for 46 years. A Cancer Survivor.  Written and Published 3 Books, and my poems have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, all rhyming poetry.  I’ve been living in the San Gabriel Valley for 62 Years.


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3 Responses to “New Addition to the Mid Valley News Staff”

  1. Noelle Walsh-Rubio on September 13th, 2012 5:47 pm

    As a registered nurse, I have seen first-hand that alcoholism is the #1 killer of all people, both young and old. I am glad that someone finally spoke up about it, keep it coming!


    Daniel Baker Reply:

    I agree Noell and so does your grandpa Webb. He is glad to see your comment about alcoholism.

    Dan Baker


    Daniel Baker Reply:

    I Agree with You Noel.


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
New Addition to the Mid Valley News Staff