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Sean Kayden

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Teepee – “Time Meant Nothing” – I recently discovered this new dream-inspired tune the other day. It begins with a certain kind of fuzziness shrouded by echoes in the distance. Frontman Eric S. Laurent has created a song that transcends the parallels of reality and reverie. “Time Meant Nothing” is alleviating, fragile, and pure catharsis. This may not be the ideal summer jam, but it’ll mollify your body during the long summer nights. This single will be officially released on July 19 via the Revera Corporation.

Lemonade – “Ice Water” – This sexy, utterly addictive, heavily doused in synths track is the premiere summer song. “Ice Water” comes straight off Lemonade’s recently released debut LP, “Diver.” 80s inspired vocals, highly effective dance beats, and just pure awesome all the way though, “Ice Water” will cool you off no matter the conditions. If this get-down-and-dirty indie cut isn’t playing at the clubs, there’s something seriously awry with the current state of electronic-pop.

Echo Lake – “Last Song Of The Year” – Best described as Best Coast meets Beach House, Echo Lake is music for the nostalgic kind. The intoxicating vocals of Linda Jarvis separate Echo Lake from the overcrowded pack of shoegazer enthusiasts. This daydream number, which is off their debut full-length record “Wild Peace,” is enchanting, sublime, and sweet. There’s beauty to be found throughout the track, but it really shifts into another element when the guitar solo comes in. Tranquil as a forest, “Last Song Of The Year” may be the last song you hear as your adventurous day settles into a peaceful night. If isn’t, then it really should be.

The Antlers – “Drift Dive” – The Antlers’ “Burst Apart” was one of my favorite albums of 2011. Over a year later, we are bestowed with the beauty that is “Drift Dive,” the first single off their forthcoming EP record. The Antlers are very meticulous musicians. Their music unravels slowly, but effectively. They may not always be perfect in their execution, but when they are, there’s truly nothing quite like it. “Drift Dive” is second-to-none and puts The Antlers right back where they left things during their previous outing. The song naturally percolates inside your body and permits you to transcend the limits of your own domain. Allow yourself to drift away from the outer distractions, even for just a little while, with “Drift Dive” being your navigational device.

DIIV – “Follow” – DIIV is the solo project from Zachary Cole Smith, a member of the chillwave outfit, Beach Fossils. On June 26, the band dropped their debut record called, “Oshin.” The dream-pop sensory experiment is unusually original and comforting. The song, “Follow,” that’s powered by just vocals, bass, guitar, and drums flows in such a deeply rhythmic flow. DIIV isn’t the band to connect with on a lyrical forefront, but their sonorous style will direct you to a superlative destination.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.