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The Final Fight…..Round 7

  • Slammed Society car show lines up on the back side of the pits for the day at the races. (photos by Andrew Paul Bettridge )

by Andrew Paul Bettridge

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For the past 10 years, Formula Drift has come to Irwindale Speedway for their final event. However, in the past years has come to be known as “House of Drift” to the drifting community.

Going into Friday’s practice and qualifying for the Top 32, drivers were on the edge as the battle going into this round had under a 20 point spread for the championship between Michael Essa and Chris Forsberg. On Friday it was highlighted by two rollovers into the small bank from the front S curve. It came down to the Top 32, where Michael Essa went against Luke Pakula. But, following the first run, Essa blew the motor of his BMW causing him to drop out. Luke Pakula let Essa move onto the next round to give him a chance for the championship. As the Top 16 came in, all Michael Essa could do was sit and wait for results of the Great 8 battle between Forsberg and Saito, where Saito came out on top giving Essa the championship win for the 2013 season. Coming into the finals, it came down to last year’s winner Daigo Saito and Tyler McQuarrie. In the final run of the battle, Tyler bit the wall in the small bank giving Daigo Saito two wins in a row for this event.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Final Fight…..Round 7