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Last Race of the Year

Andrew Paul Bettridge

As 2013 approaches drag racing ends at Irwindale Speedway, the last race of the year just passed by on December 20, 2012. The normal crowds came bearing the cold weather clothing to watch race, which ran late into the night. They watched record setting times of a 4.89 second run at 127.71 MPH. Lonnie Schultz on his turbo drag bike races to a blistering speed of 74.11 MPH in 8.78 second for “Electric Vehicle” by Sick N Twisted Designs. Racing returns to Irwindale Drag Strip Thursday, January 10th at 4pm. After a little break from the holidays Irwindale Speedway starts back up with a new year of exciting all-out Drag Racing and the return of Stock Car racing on the oval tracks.
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